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Why become a BNN Paediatrics member?

  • To contribute on exchanging experiences between services to promote best practice.
  • To receive information or promote events.
  • To network with your colleagues. BNN Paediatrics is opened to many specialties from neurology, neuro rehab, ophthalmology, ENT, maxillo-facial, physiothery, etc.
  • To learn about a new developments about techniques and indications via blog, workshops, etc.
  • To have a voice which can be heard by commissioning bodies and by professional societies (ABN, APCP, etc).
  • To work in partnership with patient groups UK to understand better the expectations of patients.
  • To be part of a taskforce and develop guidelines for best practices.

Who can apply for a BNN membership?

The BNN Paediatrics wants to be an inclusive professional network for UK-based clinicians, who are involved in the therapeutic uses of Botulinum toxin in children. A BNN Paediatrics member injects Botulinum toxin for therapeutic purposes (non cosmetic uses) and works in a neurology, ophthalmology, neuro-rehab, orthopaedics, ENT or maxillo-facial clinic. They are of a professional grade, such as a consultant, a specialist grade, a specialist nurse, physiotherapist (or any other recognised professional that attended any approved course as is practicing).


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Become a BNN Member

To attend our annual meeting in Oxford and become part of a community of professionals who have unique skills and experiences.